Artas and Neograft FUE Systems

The Artas and Neograft systems are tools used to help a hair transplant surgeons perform a hair transplant procedure.


artas machine interfaceArtas is the first and only robotic hair transplant system in the world.  It both extracts follicles from the donor area and creates recipient sites into the thinning area.  The robotic system automates donor harvesting by using an algorithm that selects which follicles that are optimal for transplantation and then extracts them.   The robot also uses an algorithm to determine the optimal recipient sites while the doctor guides the robot by controlling hair angles and direction parameters.  Once the sites are created the follicles are manually inserted by hand.  While Artas is a great advancement in hair transplantation, there are limitations.  The tools required by Artas are larger than what can be used in a manual FUE procedure.  This leads to larger grafts , extended healing time, and less density.  The robot is also only as good as the user operating it.  Therefore, if opting for a hair transplant procedure with Artas, it is still very important to make sure your surgeon is Board Certified in Hair Restoration surgery and has the skills and experience that you require when selecting a hair transplant surgeon.


Neograft is automated follicular unit extraction system used in assistance of both extraction and planting of donor follicles.  It uses a motorized punch to extract the follicular unit.  Once the incision is made around the follicle the follicle is pulled from the scalp with a suction device and stored into the system.  That vacuum is then reversed when making recipient sites.  As the doctor creates recipient sites the follicles are pushed back from the system into the recipient sites.