The Doctors

St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor has partnered with the best hair transplant doctors in the business.  They are all certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and they are all members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.  They regularly lecture at seminars, train and demonstrate the latest techniques to other doctors, are well recognized among their peers, and are the most respected authorities in the industry.  These doctors are the elite. Schedule a consultation today and find out who the doctors are and what separates them from the rest.


We believe that traveling to one of the recommended surgeons is your best option to obtain a world class result.  Over 2000 patients in the St. Louis area have agreed and traveled for their hair transplant with most going to Chicago due to the close proximity.  In addition to the world class doctors across North America, St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor is proud to announce that we have recently teamed up with the #1 hair transplant doctor in St. Louis!  Work with the best.  Your results are worth it.

Below are the locations of recommended doctors.

St. Louis, MO. Chicago, IL. Minneapolis, MN. New York, NY. Vancouver, BC. Toronto, ON.


Travel Reimbursement

Most of the recommended doctors offer a reimbursement to offset the costs of travel.  The reimbursement is different for each doctor and details can be discussed during your consultation.